Road Racers, by Stephen Davison

Road Racers, by Stephen Davison


Book review: Road Racers by Stephen Davison

By Adam Child -

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 04 March 2014 14:00

Road Racers by Stephen Davison, £17.99
Adam Child
Time tested: 140 pages
What’s good? Stephen is regarded as one of the best road race photographers in the business and this book highlights him as his best, with images which will stop you in your tracks. Stephen has been a road racing fan since he attended his first race in 1974, is part of the road racing family and a regular at almost every meeting. This book is a tribute to the icons and legends of road racing who he calls friends. He isn’t just a brilliant photographer, he’s also brave (some would say barking mad) and gets in places you wouldn’t dare think of in the search for the perfect shot. He is also a personal friend to many of the top riders, which gives him unprecedented access both in the paddock and behind closed doors. Some shots will stir the emotions, like personal shots of Martin Finnegan, who sadly lost his life at the Tandragee 100 in 2008 or a very emotional picture of Ryan Farquar at the funeral of his uncle, Trevor Ferguson, who sadly died after crashing at the Manx GP in 2012. If you’re a road racing fan you’ll refer to the book again and again in amazement at some of the images, like William Dunlop at the Timoleague in 2011, or you’ll continue to smile at many of the amusing photographs where Stephen has encapsulated the moment perfectly.
What’s not? This is not a criticism of the book itself, but it’s all too easy to forget about the dangers of road racing and in places the book is a sad reminder of the talented riders who are no longer with us, like Finnegan, Yoshinari Matsushita and Victor Gilmore.
Quality rating: 5/5
Value rating: 5/5

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