Product Review: Cold Killers Hot Hood

By Michael Neeves -

Parts & accessories

 11 February 2014 11:00

Cold Killers Hot Hood: £16.99

Time used: Three months.

What’s good? For years I’ve wrapped myself up from neck to two in warm riding kit to stave off the worst of really cold temperatures on long trips, but I’ve relied solely on my Arai to keep my head warm, which doesn’t always work. This is the first time I’ve ever tried a balaclava and it’s a revelation. I wish I’d tried one earlier, but I’ve always been put off with its looks. The Cold Killers Hot Hood has made a big difference to my winter riding and now I’m a lot warmer and happier on the bike. It’s fleece-lined, has a water-resistant, windproof shell and is thin enough to wear comfortably under a lid.

What’s not? It’s fugly and makes me feel like a bank robber.


Quality rating: 5/5

Value rating: 5/5

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