Product Review: Osram Spylux Battery Powered LED Floodlight

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 18 February 2014 11:30

Osram Spylux Battery Powered LED Floodlight, £9.99

Time tested: Three months

What’s good? The light-sensitive, motion-activated switch inside this wall-mounted LED light means I can walk into my powerless garage and see where I am going without having to fumble for a light that I know is ‘in here somewhere’. The ‘floodlight’ term in Osram’s title is a bit of a stretch, but the LEDs emit enough light to see where my bike is, or needs to go. It runs on three AAA batteries, switches off if it detects no movement for 12 seconds, and only comes on if the light is low enough that there’s a benefit to it being on. It’s made my garage much more convenient and I’ll be buying another for my shed.

What’s not? Nothing to report. It’s useful, effective, versatile (it can be removed from the wall mount and used as a handheld torch) and costs less than a tenner. Bargain!

Quality rating: 5/5
Value rating: 5/5

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