Product Review: Stan Stephens: The Mechanic Who Got Lucky

By Michael Neeves -

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 18 February 2014 11:30

Stan Stephens: The Mechanic Who Got Lucky, £19

Time used: 338 pages in three sittings

What’s good? Growing up riding and racing in the late 80s, Stan Stephens was the man who tuned the fastest engines and was as much a racing hero to me as Schwantz and Rainey. Based in various locations in and around Brands Hatch over the years, he was only up the road from me, but he may as well have been on the moon – I barely had the cash for two-stroke oil, let alone a tuned engine. Reading his autobiography finally lets me see into his world and it’s a fascinating one. We find out how he got started in the tuning business, he talks about his tearaway biking youth, his own solo and sidecar racing career and the injuries he sustained that still haunt him today. But what stands out the most is his selflessness. Over the years he’s spent his own money and time supporting hundreds of racers, including then up-and-coming stars Terry Rymer and Jeremy McWilliams. He’s had his fair share of business knock-backs, but you get the impression he’s still smiling, as long as there are motorcycles in his life. After reading his book I reckon Stan Stephens should get an OBE for services to motorcycle racing.

What’s not? The book makes we wish I had one of his engines when I raced an RGV250 in 1990.

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