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Oxford Hot Hands


Product review: Oxford Hot Hands

By Alison Silcox -

Parts & accessories

 25 February 2014 11:00

Oxford Hot Hands £64.99
Alison Silcox
Time tested: 250 miles/ 1 month
What’s good? As I didn’t want a permanent fixture on the bike the Hot Hand overgrips seemed an ideal solution, as they are easy to fit and remove, by attaching wires to the bike’s battery then routing the cables, attaching an on/off switch to the handlebar and velcroing the covers over the existing grips. They heated up within a couple of minutes of being turned on, and kept my hands toasty. As the they wrap round the existing grips they make everything feel a little bulky and even though I have long fingers I still found they were outstretched when using the controls - not a major issue but it did take a couple of short journeys to adapt to.
What’s not? There isn’t a way to set the overgrips to different temperatures, they’re either off or on. Whilst they heat up quickly, they don’t cool as quickly and after a while I found my palms getting too hot. At least it’s easy to switch them off and back on again as my hands cooled.
Contact: www.oxprod.com
Quality Rating: 4/5
Value Rating: 4/5

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