Product Review: MyCro onboard video camera

By Liam Marsden -

Parts & accessories

 11 June 2014 08:30

MyCro onboard video camera, £100*
Tester: Liam Marsden
Time tested: Two weeks

*Price subject to exchange rate

What’s good? The current market leader for onboard video cameras, GoPro, sells its top camera for close to £400. The little box you see here costs £100 – but the gap in price certainly isn’t echoed by such a large gap in quality. And unlike some of the higher-end action cameras, this is simple to use. It has two buttons – one to turn it on and off and the other to start and stop recording. The video quality is surprisingly good for such a small, cheap camera. It’s not quite up there with the best, but it’s surprisingly good given the price – and it’ll record video for up to an hour. It’s smaller than a lot of other onboard cameras, which means it can be stuck in more places. Memory is taken care of via a MicroSD slot and there’s a carry strap, mounting plate and USB charger included in the box. It comes with everything you need to get shooting straight away.

What’s not? It looks and feels like it came from the local pound shop – the plastic casing flexes and can be pulled away at the corners. The sticky mount supplied with the camera isn’t sticky enough, either. Most sticky mounts are well and truly on once you’ve put them there, but this came off way too easily and has now lost all its stick. The importer, multiple former world champion Phil Read, says he is happy with the level of adhesion to a helmet, having tested it on a parade lap of the Isle of Man TT and reaching speeds of up to 160mph without losing the camera. Our example also came with German user instructions – hopefully this isn’t always the case. The lack of an adjustable mount or plate thread to attach a mount to means it can only be mounted on horizontal surfaces, which are often lacking on a bike.


Quality rating: 3/5

Value rating: 4/5