What happens when you get caught speeding over 100mph

By MCN -

Riding Skills

 13 August 2010 15:41

If you are caught speeding at over 100mph on a national speed limit road, you are probably looking at a ban, even if your job relies on you having a driving licence.

For speeding the penalty is between 3-6 points, with a fine not exceeding £2500 on a motorway or £1000 on any other road. Alternatively, the magistrates can give a fine and a discretionary disqualification between 7 and 56 days.

The fine is generally calculated as a percentage of your weekly earnings (anything from 50% to 125%) although there is discretion to award more or less.

The level of points and fine depends on how far over the speed limit you were travelling as the magistrates have guidance which they should abide by.

If you are travelling between 91 and 100mph in a 60 mph zone then the guidance suggests that the should consider either six points or a disqualification. Travelling over 100mph will undoubtedly lead them to consider disqualification.

There is discretion on the magistrates to not disqualify, but the more serious the case, the stronger any argument for points will be.

If you do find yourself in this predicament you could argue that a ban would place you at “exceptional hardship”.

These grounds require precise arguments to show particular detriment to others or the community which would be caused by your losing your licence.

It is usually not enough to show that losing your licence will affect your employment or earning capacity.

If you are able to successfully argue exceptional hardship, you are likely to receive six points on your licence which will remain valid for the totting up procedure for three years, together with a large fine rather than a disqualification.