Speed camera detectors on satnavs - where you stand

By Chris Dabbs -

Touring & travel

 30 April 2010 15:11

Speed limits are being more rigourously enforced in Europe these days, especially France.

The French have also banned speed device detectors and will confiscate any they find on vehicles. Some riders are worried that their existing satnavs loaded with software that shows where European Safety Cameras are will be at risk.

If you are taking the latest generation of sat nav with a real-time radar detection device fitted, then they take a dim view of those and it's confiscation and a £500 fine. But for "standard" satnav they would be confiscating millions of them over there.

In fact, the authorities out there are legally obliged to publicise where their mobile units will be sited in the region, so if you have got a basic grasp of the lingo the local newspapers will have an article under the heading "La Radars" listing their location.