Don't mess with the French police

By mikejj -

Touring & travel

 29 November 2012 11:21

Riding near St Tropez I came to a tricky left and immediate right junction. As I crossed the line I realised I was supposed to stop but I didn't have time.

100 yards ahead Jean Claude and five of his uniformed mates stepped out and stopped me. Seeing my GB plate they went into a huddle and came up with an on the spot fine of 136 Euro.

Not having that amount on me, I was told to leave my girlfriend and go into town, returning with money. I replied that in the UK we call that kidnapping (bad move, no laughing).

More huddling, they realised they were dealing with an English idiot and reduced the fine to 36 Euro. Having paid the fine I told them that in the UK I am a driving instructor. Much Laughing