Top 5 125cc sports bikes

If you're in the market for a sporty learner bike, look no further.

Sports 125s are the stuff of teenage dreams, the kind of machines that have youngsters cashing in savings accounts and resorting to after-school jobs at fast food outlets.  

Here's 5 of the sharpest looking, best handling or plain fastest 125cc motorcycles available:      


Cagiva Mito SP525

Cagiva Mito SP525 (2008-current)
"The most beautiful novice 125cc bike money can buy – yes, it even outclasses Yamaha’s YZF-R125 and the Aprilia RS125. In 2008 the Cagiva Mito 125 got bodywork to honour John Koscinski’s 500GP efforts onboard the Cagiva V594 circa 1994. In unrestricted form it makes a claimed 30bhp."


Yamaha YZF-R125 (2008-current)

Yamaha YZF-R125 (2008-current)
"Since 2004, Honda has had the learner sports bike market sewn up – the CBR125R flew out of showrooms. Yamaha’s range had a gap for a 125 sport motorcycle, and the YZF-R125 fills that gap by combining the Honda’s easy-going ride with a little bit more poke and grown up looks (especially in Fiat Yamaha colours) – it’s actually slightly bigger than the YZF-R6 that inspired its styling!" 


Derbi GPR125

Derbi GPR125 (2005-current)
"The Derbi GPR125 is arguably one of the most beautifully styled 125 motorcycles ever made. On a murky day you might mistake it for a baby Ducati or MV Agusta motorcycle. The GPR125 also goes very well (de-restricted of course) and handles just like a sports bike, with firm suspension and a substantial 300mm front disc brake. It's a teenage dream on wheels."


Aprilia RS125

Aprilia RS125 (1995-current)
"The Aprilia RS125 has remained the top motorcycle for most right-thinking teenagers since it first rolled out of the factory in 1995. It oozes big motorcycle style, handles like a dream and in de-restricted, 30bhp, form the Aprilia RS125 can hit well over a ton. It’s expensive to buy and run thanks to pricey two-stroke motorcycle oil, but, if you can afford it, the Aprilia RS125 is worth every penny."


Honda CBR125R

Honda CBR125R (2004-current) "The Honda CBR125R is an excellent ‘mid market’ 125. There are cheaper to buy / run bikes, like Honda’s own CG125, but they lack kudos. There’s a flotilla of fancy, mainly European motorcycles like Aprilia’s gorgeous RS125 but they’re silly money. But the Honda CBR125R's a tidy little motorcycle with a reliable four stroke engine, safe handling and brakes."


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