Dual purpose tyres for the Yamaha TDM

Published: 04 December 2008

I own a year 2000 build TDM 850, live in Bribane Australia and ride as often as I can. My TDM has done over 120,000km and has given no trouble.

I ride nearly every day and usually do a 500km loop somewhere around southern Queensland or Northern New South Wales on a Sunday. I like riding off road a bit, not trail work obviously with a TDM but gravel roads etc because it is more interesting.

The problem is getting suitable dual purpose tyres for the front because the TDM has an 18in front wheel 100/90 - 18, Does anyone do the same thing? I would really appreciate it if someone has had the same experience and can advise me of options.

I love the TDM, I know there are heaps of bikes with much more power and better this and better that but it has enough of everything for me. Mid range power 100 to 160km is pretty good and at 50 years old that is pretty well fast enough for an old bloke.

It is also good on fuel, 20km to the litre. If only the thing had a 19in front wheel all my problems would be solved!