Tyre pressure advice from Avon

Published: 05 May 2009

Avon Tyres is advising us to check our tyre pressures ahead of the long motorcycling summer.

Peter McNally, Avon Tyres’ Technical Product Manager for Motorcycle tyres says: “Tyre pressures on a motorcycle are critical to the safety of the rider aboard it – there’s no other way of putting it.

"The tyre’s connection with the road has to be perfect and if the tyre is under inflated after a winter’s lay-off, the bike will not handle properly and it could be dangerous.

“During testing for our range of tyres – including our new VP2 Sports tyres – we have seen how under-pressure tyres can degrade handling, affect steering, as well as leading to increased and un-even tyre wear.”

Here are Avon’s top tips…

  • Make sure you use an accurate tyre pressure gauge – the ones found on the forecourt of your local service station could easily be out by several psi
  • Know what the optimum tyre pressures are, front and rear, for your bike and tyres fitted; keep a note of them in your wallet or under the seat
  • Checking your tyre pressures should be at least a weekly ritual, more often if you commute to work on your motorcycle
  • If you get into the habit, you’ll spot other safety concerns, such as when your chain needs adjusting or when your tyres are coming to the end of their life