Crashed because of a bad road

Published: 23 April 2007

Driving to work along the A2 southbound from Chatham, Kent on April 12, 2007 at abuot 3.30 in the morning.

The weather conditions were good, but as the time suggests it was dark.

I left the A2 at the M25 junction turning right at the roundabout going towards the Dartford Tunnel on the M25 taking the last junction going to Erith where I work.

I went up the exit slip towards the roundabout (the roundabout is not lit) turning right and to the next set of lights. The third set were red so I started to slow down but as I got to the lights they changed to green so I continued on.

As I accelerated to about 30mph I felt a sudden and violent impact on the front and then the back.

The bike veered very quickly to the left and I found myself heading towards the crash barrier. 

I started to brake but by this time the road surface was just sand muck and other debris so the front wheel just went from under me.

I landed on my left side and tumbled along hitting various parts of my body including my shoulder, ribs, left elbow, head with most of the damage to my right knee/leg.

As I started to get my senses back I saw my bike was at 45 degree angle resting on the barrier I sat on the barrier and started to get pain in my right knee.

As I looked up the Police arrived. After asking me if I was ok, I replied I was but had a pain I my knee/leg so they gave me a few minutes and called an ambulance.

They were talking to a women but she didn't see anything and had only stopped to see if I was alright.

The ambulance arrived and asked if I wanted to go to hospital and at the time I felt ok with just the pain in my leg/knee.

I did not go and they left but said any change go to hospital straight away.

I thanked them and they left me with the Police officer. He breathalised me, which come out negative.

By this time the recovery lorry arrived and took my bike to the petrol garage off the motorway.

After the recovery lorry drooped my bike at the garage I started to feel unwell.

The Police officer said the adrenaline was wearing off this why I started to feel unwell so they took me to Darent Valley Hospital which was about five minutes away. On arriving at hospital I was seen almost straight away. The nurse checked me over and said that my knee had bad ligament damage and soft tissue damage.

I also had damaged ribs and shoulder and my neck hurt but not a lot. She added that whiplash can take a couple of days. She was right because when I woke up the next morning I could not hardly move my neck.

I have made an appointment to see my doctor on the 16th as this was the nearest I could get because of the weekend between accident and appointment as this an ongoing thing I will keep my solicitor informed of any changes in any and all situations

Kind Regards R.Jupp P.S.

The white object in photo is an A4 envelope for scale.