Police driving criticised

Published: 08 August 2007

When I see a police car, I will follow and observe for a while. This police car makes a number of basic errors. Watch the video and see how many you spot. OK I am being pedantic, but it seems like there's one rule for them and one for everybody else. This video was shot Tuesday 7th August 2007 at 5.45pm. The police car drives in the left lane predominantly.

5.56-57pm: Speeding at 50mph in a 40 zone; 5.57: Indicates right from the left lane and goes straight on instead (hard to see from the film). 5.58:46: Check the direction markings on the road. These point straight on but the car turns right without indicating. As I am following, I have to change lanes quickly. 5.59:04: Police car moves to the right, thus completing an undertaking manoever. The police car has blatantly undertaken a row of cars. And to cap it all, the police car completely ignores an RTA at the roundabout (5.58:53 left side).

What do we pay our taxes for? My council tax bill quotes that I have to pay towards the police force... but to do what exactly?