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Published: 01 March 2007

Hello and welcome to the all-new motorcyclenews.com. You can now make yourself a biking celebrity by submitting news and sport stories, videos and pictures you've created, which appear alongside the latest MCN news, including on the homepage of the UK's biggest and best motorcycling website.

We've also taken on board your comments and suggestions over the past few years, making it quicker and easier to find the story, bike, or product you're looking for, with new navigation in the left-hand panel of each page. And that includes our new Bikes for Sale section, allowing you to search via a whole range of options, or just enter one keyword, and browse the results.

Plus, when you just want to hang out and chat, there's a completely new community section to explore. You can see full profiles of other MCN readers, add friends and send private messages, as well as post on our popular forums.

And if you're looking for tips and help with a biking question, make sure you check out our new Advice section to ask one of our team of experts for the answer.

  If you're already registered with motorcyclenews.com, you should be able to log in with your existing username and password right away. If you're not already registered, sign up now, and get involved. And if you have any difficulties, click here for help, or email mcn.online@emap.com. 

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