Race boss reacts to new off-road vehicles bill

Published: 08 March 2007

Race chiefs have reacted angrily to a new proposed law that would see all race bikes forced to be registered and carry numberplates.

MCN spoke to Stuart Higgs, the series director of BSB, and WSB and MotoGP when they come to the UK, about the Off Road Vehicles (Registration) Bill, which recently passed its second reading in the House of Commons with a massive majority. If made into law, it will force all off-road vehicles, including MotoGP bikes, to be registered and wear numberplates.

Higgs said: “We haven’t had any form of information about this. The first I heard about it was in MCN, and the MCIA still hasn’t communicated anything to us.

“I understand there will be some exemptions for racing, but we are not yet aware of what these are. I can see the point of it to stop illegal riding and minomotos on the road, but it shouldn’t affect road racing series with codes and regulations. We organisers have documents to say these bikes will only be used for racing so it’s a complete waste of money enforcing this bill.

“It’s worrying to know this bill has got so far in government without anyone kicking up a fuss - many race groups won’t even know this has got so far. The idea of all this would have a hugely detrimental effect on racing in the UK.”

Read more about the threat of the Bill in MCN, March 14.