2008 MCN Babe Competition: Gallery 1

Published: 27 November 2007

Here is the first gallery of 20 hopefuls in the 2008 MCN Babe Competition. To see more girls, or rules on how to enter, click here.


  • Click on the image or name of each girl to see their profile and gallery of pictures.

Voting and entries have now closed, come to the London show to see the finalists.

MCN Babe Squad Gallery 1:

Babe 1: Gemma Rathbone


Babe 2: Amy Goldsmith


Babe 3: Becky Martin


Babe 4: Billie Eadie

Babe 5: Ludmila Burgess

Babe 6: Leanne Lurring

Babe 7: Tammy Evans


Babe 8: Charlene Young



Babe 9: Helena Burchill


Babe 10: Samantha Smith


Babe 11: Carley Valente



Babe 12: Hannah Broughton



Babe 13: Lianne Hunt


Babe 14: Jade Howell


Babe 15: Vickie Louise Richardson




Babe 17: Sairung Granger


Babe 18: Fiona Graham

Babe 19: Kimberley Jones

Babe 20: Lauren Jade

Gallery 2

Gallery 3

Gallery 4

T&C's - You will be billed 50pence plus standard network charges for the SMS you send. This is not a subscription service. The voting ends on January 11th at midnight, the prize draw will be made within 48 hours of this date and the winner notified in writing. The prize is not transferable. For full terms and conditions please visit our website   www.londonmotorcycleshow.com

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