Shell driver’s strike set to go ahead

Published: 11 June 2008

Tanker drivers who deliver fuel to Shell’s UK forecourts look set to carry out a four-day strike over the weekend, after their union Unite failed to agree a new pay deal with haulage firms.

Unite and haulage companies Hoyer and Suckling Transport took the dispute to the conciliation service ACAS earlier this week, in a bid to avert the strike.

The drivers are pushing for a 13.2% pay rise, which they say is necessary to bring their salaries up-to-date following years of neglect. Hoyer and Suckling Transport have offered a 6.5% increase.

Roughly 1000 Shell forecourts would be affected by the strike, which has prompted fears of fuel shortages.

A spokeswoman for Shell told MCN the firm is already working on contingency plans to ensure that stocks would last through the strike, providing the public doesn’t panic buy petrol.

The spokeswoman added that Shell was still hopeful the strike could be averted, as talks with ACAS are still ongoing.