Motorcycle tyre prices set to rise, as raw material costs increase

Published: 16 June 2008

The cost of motorcycle tyres is on the rise, with major tyre manufacturers confirming to MCN that hikes in the price of raw materials and a rise in transportation costs had forced them to raise their prices.

Higher oil prices are the main culprit in the price rise, although the higher cost of rubber and steel has also played a part. It is also costing more to deliver tyres to retailers, because of increases in the price of petrol and diesel for delivery vehicles.

A spokesman for Bridgestone told MCN the firm is set to increase the cost of its tyres by around 3% from July 1. “The price of raw materials has doubled. Everyone else is in the same boat, but I know that’s the last thing our consumers want to hear.”

The same was true at Pirelli, which has already increased the trade price of its tyres by 4%. “We don’t plan any more increases this year, but that will depend on the global economy,” spokesman Neil Booker told MCN.

Dunlop spokeswoman Lisa Faulkner says the firm upped its prices by 6% at the beginning of June. In addition to stomaching growing production and delivery costs, the firm was being hit by a poorer exchange rate between Pounds Sterling and the Euro.

“We used to get an exchange of Eur.1.49 to the pound, but now it’s closer to Eur.1.25.”