The top 5 outdoor bike covers

Published: 20 November 2008

Here's a run down of the top 5 outdoor bike covers as tested by MCN's sister title RiDE magazine. It may be a simple bit of kit, but they found there's a huge difference between the best on the market and the worst...

Motorcycle cover manufacturers were asked to supply RiDE with a cover that would fit a Yamaha R1. The covers were then tested on a number of key performance indicators.

Waterproofing is obviously the most important test, but RiDE also considered ease of use and fitment, since no one wants to spend ages putting a bike cover on and off. RiDE also tested for heat resistance and extra features were taken into account.

Here's RiDEs recipe for the perfect bike cover:

The ingredients of a perfect bike cover


The top 5 bike covers according to RiDE magazine:


=1 R&G Superbike £39.99
It's got the lot, it works a treat and the price is right. The R&G Superbike cover has ventilation, two straps underneath and slots for a chain lock front and rear. It's waterproof and withstood our heat test. There's elastic all the way round the bottom, which can make a cover tricky to use, but R&G have overcome this by making the elastic easy to stretch, resulting in a cover that's easy to get on and a snug fit while in use. Score: 21/21.


=1 Oxford Rainex £44.99
Just as effective as the R&G cover. and if anything even better equipped, but the extra fiver means it misses out on the Best Buy award. Being elasticated front and back its easy to get on and off. It's ventilated, has a belly strap with a snap connector, and not only chain lock slots but also small pockets to hold the lock bodies off the ground. It didn't leak and its soft inner lining didn't melt on to our hot exhaust either. Score: 21/21.


=3 Motrax Deluxe £39.99
It's ventilated, has front and rear reflectors plus reflective piping, a snap connector belly strap and chain slots front and rear. Vents at the handlebar ends double as holes for bar straps if you're tying the bike onto a trailer. The exhaust areas have heat protection on the inside, and its waterproof. It's elasticated front and rear, but our 'large' size cover was extremely baggy, leaving lots of material on the ground. Score: 19/21.


=3 DB Caliber £59
This completely waterproof semi-reflective blue cover proved to be a great fit on our R1 and easy to get on and off thanks to the elastic at the front and back. It hangs just above the ground, allowing for great drainage and ventilation- which is handy as there are no ventilation flaps. There are reinforced chain slots at front and rear and two snap connector straps underneath. Extra panels at both sides ensure hot exhausts have no effect. Score: 19/21.


5 Coverite Silvertech £44.99
This shiny cover goes on and comes off easily, but our 'up to 1100cc' sized cover was baggy on the R1. The belly strap is a cord you tie between reinforced eyelets. There are no chain slots or ventilation. Made from 100% polyester with a special water repellent coating, it proved waterproof in our test. The hot exhaust test made the material tacky and pliable, but it didn't perforate. Score: 15/21.

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