The top 10 textile suits

Published: 27 November 2008

They may not look as good as leathers but a textile suit is the most practical way to stay warm, protected and dry this winter. Here's a list of the top 10 2-piece textile suits, compiled by MCN's sister title RiDE magazine.

According to RiDE magazine, the key to a good textile suit is layers. The ideal suit will have a waterproof (ideally GoreTex) layer, a durable outer layer for protection and a thermal lining for warmth.    

Ideally the top and bottom halves of the suit will zip together. Choose a long style jacket if possible for warmth and try to get a good fit. Allow room for extra layers underneath if necessary, but be aware that a tighter fit will be warmer. That's why adjustable cuffs, seams and straps are a big bonus.

Here's RiDE's list of the top 10 textile suits:


1. Hein Gericke Master V GTX Proshell
Hideously expensive (£850 for the full suit) but great quality. Warm, waterproof, protective, well made- heartily recommended, if you cna afford the steep price tag. Rating: 51/60. Price: jacket £500, trousers £350.



2. Aerostitch Roadcrafter two-piece
Brilliantly protective suit in safety-first hi-viz (Don't worry, other colours are available). It did leak a little water under extreme testing though. Rating: 47/60. Price: £400 plus £120 shipping (from US only).



=3. Weise Dynastar II
Good all-round performance for a bargain price making it a best buy. Totally waterproof in our tests, though not the warmest. Rating: 46/60. Price: jacket £200, trousers £110.



=3. BMW Streetguard 2
Totally waterproof in our tests, with good protective scores. However, it was one of the colder suits on test. Rating: 46/60. Price: jacket £355, trousers £335.



5. Held Oasis/Dakar
Off-road styled suit was probably the warmest on test and commendably waterproof too. Average scores for protection. Rating: 44/60. Price: jacket £172, trousers £142.



6. Halvarssons Medusa/Cobra
Reasonable performance in most areas, but not a very warm suit. Pockets let it down on the waterproofing front. Rating: 40/60. Price: jacket £200, trousers £170.



7. Rukka Armax
Most popular with the road tester but it was let down by poor performance on the burst test in the lab. Highly waterproof too. Rating: 39/60. Price: jacket £800, trousers £600.



=8. Dainese Panama/Hooper
Another suit that struggled with the lab burst test. Reasonably waterproof and warm, but not as breathable as some of the other suits. Rating: 37/60.Price: jacket £320, trousers £200.



=8. Alpinestars Jet Road Gore-Tex
Lack of armour on hips and a poor performance in the burst test hurt this otherwise good suit, which is reasonably waterproof and warm. Rating: 37/60. Price: jackets £330, trousers £230.



10. Spada Highland/Milan 
Excellent value kit. Performance in the crahs tests wasn't impressive but it was warm and totally waterproof in our tests. Rating: 35/60. Price: jacket £140, trousers £40. 


  • The key to a good winter textile suit is simple- layers