Cautioned in my company car park

Published: 01 July 2009

I live in greater manchester. Recently, while going to work in Eccles I was cautioned in my company car park.

My crime, I had filtered past a line of parked cars on my left and standing traffic on my right.

The police here are anti-bike and see us bikers as an easy target, the police car couldn't catch up to me because it was early morning rush hour and traffic was at its usual 10-20 mph slow pace so they had followed me in heavy traffic for three miles before stopping me the company car park.

The officer concerned is known to everyone as a real hard nut who persecutes bikers for the slightest reason but allows car drivers the freedom to do as they like.

I got a chit to produce my docs at the local station and when i got there the folowing day the PCSO remarked to a colleague that I was the 20th that month (it was the 18th day of the month) who had been ticketed by this particular officer and it was a puzzle why he didnt have more car drivers on his sheet.

Eccles is a dead town, a crackdown on cars in the early 90s with restrictions meant to keep traffic flowing together with the introduction of resident only parking drove away a lot of shoppers who normally stopped there, heavy fines for minor offences and a complex road network of one way streets and pedestrian areas meant drivers/riders now bypass the area.

The opening of the Trafford centre two miles meant the area could not recover. So traffic passes through the town without stopping giving the police little to do as shops in the area closed down and the patrols were left to find their own devices.

Snooker is their favourite pastime, red vehicle followed by a colour and another red and so on, my bike is black so max points for whoever finds a fault with my riding. wonder what would happen if i changed it to white?