Suzi Perry has meningitis

Published: 13 July 2009

BBC MotoGP anchorwoman Suzi Perry will miss this weekend's GP at Germany's Sachsenring after being diagnosed with meningitis.

Suzi called MCN to give us the shock news: "I've had to cancel all my work. I have been suffering severe headaches, back and neck pain and sickness. I have to be really careful so there wont be long term effects".

The news is the latest in a woeful year of health scares for the popular pitlane figure. Suzi had to undergo emergency surgery in February after an ectopic pregnancy ruptured.   

"2009 year has been a nightmare health-wise and I thought I was just getting back on track but this diagnosis is a real blow", she says. Suzi was due to present Robbie Madison's Great London Jump over Tower Bridge last before symptoms struck.

In spite of her sickness Suzi says she hopes to be back in action for Donington. "I really hope I'll be back for Donington, it would be such a shame to miss the British round."

BBC health expert Dr Trisha McNair says: "Meningitis is a very serious illness that has a huge impact on the body's reserves. Although some people are back to normal within weeks, others take several months to recover, and one person in 12 is left with permanent disabilities." Suzi says: "I'm just taking it one day at a time".