World’s first sexy Goldwing?

Published: 01 June 2009

Yes, it’s a Honda Goldwing – stripped-back, straight-barred and oozing a purpose and poise Honda never intended for it.

Danish film production designer Lars Nielson set about a 1976-model GL1000 to see if a sportier, lighter, faster ’Wing lay within, and boy did he find it.

“I also found great joy in pissing-off my Brit-bike riding friends by building a Honda café-bobber-whatever bike” he says.

The transformation entailed junking the colossal seat, car-like exhaust system, wrap-around mudguards and indicators the size of oranges.

Nielson sleekened the back end with a Triumph Speed Triple seat, dropped the front by an inch and completed the bulk of the ground-hugging effect with smaller 16” rims (down from 19” front and 17” rear).

Nielson consulted with other naked ’Wing-lovers on the forum throughout the build and says it made him realise the GL’s a bike to cherish:

“Working on the bike you discover it’s engineered absolutely brilliantly in every detail. As much as I love Brit bikes working on this bike I can understand why the whole industry died a painful death.”