Five of the best TT lids

Published: 12 June 2009

With today’s Senior TT taking place, we want to know what your favourite TT lid is of all time.
It doesn’t matter if it went on sale as a replica or not – we just want to know which design you liked the most.

Here are five we’ve picked out.
Leave a comment below with who else you think should be named.
Joey Dunlop
Joey’s simple yet original design will be something that goes hand-in-hand with the TT forever. Arai did release replica versions of the helmet with the latest being released in 2001 following the death of the 26-time TT winner in 2000 – finding one these days is extremely difficult.
Giacomo Agostini
With 10 TT wins, Agostini is the joint seventh most successful rider in TT history. His simple tricolore design continued throughout his career and you can even buy an updated version on the AGV Ti-Tech shell.
David Jefferies
DJ was saluted by his helmet manufacturer, OGK, with his own replica lid. It came in the same year OGK released a Hizzy replica on the FF4 shell.
Steve Hislop
Hizzy’s OGK was a replica of the very lid the Scotsman wore during the close of his career, but it was the pink Arai design that he’ll be most remembered for. It’s the design he wore to success in the 1992 Senior TT with Norton and goes down as one of the great designs from TT history.
Mike Hailwood
Mike the bike sits with current TT legend John McGuinness as the second most successful TT racer behind Joey Dunlop of 14 wins. His gold-flaked design was strikingly simple, and his status even means he’s still got a current existing replica you can buy off shelves. The X801RR Hailwood is still part of X-Lite’s 2209 range.