New Leo Vince for Honda CBF125R

Published: 11 November 2009

It’s not often you’re going to hear Honda CBF125R and Factory in the same sentence, but it does apply here with the new SBK-Factory exhaust from Leo Vince.

LeoVince's exhaust systems are used by many UK and International racers and teams using Honda bikes including Stiggy Honda and Hannspree Althea Honda in WSB  and now they’re using their tuning expertise to filter right down to the smaller capacity bikes, and this Honda CBF125 is a prime example.     

It’s a simple case of removing the large and restrictive stock exhaust system, and bolt on a brand new 'SBK-Factory' exhaust system from LeoVince.

The result is a claimed 10% torque increase and 10% power increase as well as a better sound and weight saving.

LeoVince have produced a slim style version of their top-of-the-range 'SBK-Factory' silencer, a unique shape with oval sides plus flat top and bottom sections, encased in lightweight brushed alloy, with a short 420mm body and 60mm tailpipe.

It’s linked to the engine with AISI304 stainless pipework with racing type header fittings.

They’ve even finished it off with a genuine carbon fibre support strap, lightweight mounting kit and 3D-style "SBK" badge.

It applies to EVOII specification, which is fully road legal "E" approved with removable baffle for a louder sports sound. 

The exhaust is set up by LeoVince to run without the necessity to alter any fuelling settings - simply fit and play!

Maximum power up from 10.8 to 11.7bhp, plus claimed impressive torque increase, especially from 3500rpm - 5200rpm with 40% gains. 

It costs £350 and is available from 0845-094-1934