The ultimate touring bike… a Ural Cross 750?

Published: 07 April 2011

This 355kg, 40bhp flat-twin bearing Ural Cross 750 could be the world’s greatest touring bike, and the owner intends to find out… by taking it to Mongolia.

Equipped with Brembo brakes, a Sachs shock, Herzog gears, an Odyssey Extreme racing battery, the alternator from a Toyota Hilux and electrics by Ducati - “Yeah, they’re Italian, but I’d prefer that to Russian!” - the bike is more than just an unbreakable Russian sidecar outfit, it’s a unique machine crafted by owner Andy Lander Stow.

The modest top speed of 65mph is the only weak link in a machine built to conquer continents… and here’s how…

A winch has been fitted to the sidecar – “powerful enough to lift the whole bike up a 1:1 gradient hill” – which also carries an underslung and self-designed 46litre stainless steel fuel tank with a self-built pump mechanism to transfer fuel to the main tank.

Andy’s also attached a water trap to filter impurities from the 40p / litre petrol he’ll be buying in Russia en route to Mongolia.

The bespoke fuel tank – “the 2mm thick design will break anything it hits before it cracks” – gives the outfit a total tank range of 640 miles.

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