Meet the Narley – oh wait, they called it a Norley

Published: 05 May 2011

That most promiscuous of motorcycle frames, the Norton featherbed, has mated again – this time with a Harley. And it’s produced a handsome mongrel that’s for sale in aid of charity Curing Kids Cancer.

Santiago Choppers' owner Alan Bernard built the bike using a 1200cc Harley Sportster engine installed in a Norton frame using the Café Racer style bodywork and accessories.

It has 16-inch wheels, a Norton Manx style seat, CR Racing carbs, two into one SuperTrapp performance exhaust, Brembo brakes and Beringer hand controls. It weighs a svelte 170kg. Only bummer is they called it a Norley, not a Narley.

The bike is being offered with no reserve at the Original Spring Classic Auction on May 21, auction in Indianapolis, Indiana. To see more on the bike, click here.