New Royal Enfield tempts Leno

Published: 20 May 2011

Famous American comedian and chat-show host Jay Leno now has a Royal Enfield Bullet Classic in his huge collection of motorcycles and cars.

Leno, host of the Tonight Show in the USA, is probably one of the world’s most famous petrolheads and recently featured the Royal Enfield range in his on-line magazine programme ‘Jay Leno’s Garage'.

He met with Royal Enfield USA President Kevin Mahoney to discuss the Classic and C5 models and after riding the Classic G5 Deluxe, Leno said: “I’m really amazed how little vibration there is - and at 70mph on the freeway, it’s rock steady. I’ve got a Triumph twin that vibrates a lot more.

"The motor is strong. I’ve got a ’58 BSA Gold Star  - and the Enfield feels about as strong as that. You won’t be the fastest thing on the road but there’s a whole different mindset to a bike like this. It’s not all about speed. It handles really nicely, has good fuel consumption and looks like a real motorcycle."