Nurburgring – bikers beware

Published: 04 October 2011

Roadworks and no warning signs caused an eight-car pile-up at the Nurburgring on Sunday, on one of the busiest days of the year.

Luckily no motorcycles were involved, but the incident should remind bikers of the perils of riding the famous ‘pay-and-play’ Nordschleife circuit in Germany, where the track is classed as a public road and is also used by cars, trucks, buses and construction vehicles.

This crash happened at the Bergwerk section of the circuit where roadworks were taking place. There were no prior warning signs or marshals waving yellow flags.

According to reports the accident started when a car came around the blind bend and collided with a car whose driver knew about the road works and had slowed down. The eight car pile-up included a BMW M3 Ring Taxi.

MCN Senior Road Tester Michael Neeves’ brother Ben was there in his car and was one of the first to arrive on the scene.

He said, “I came around the corner at speed and just managed to stop in time to miss the carnage. There were no marshals waving yellow flags or warnings the road works were there.

"If I’d been on my bike I would have hit something. I can’t believe they’d carry out road works on such a busy public day. It’s ridiculous. I’ll never go there again when it’s busy, it’s too dangerous.”

No one was seriously hurt in the accident.