World's top 5 worst exhausts

Published: 07 October 2011

There's little doubt we are leaving the age of the aftermarket end-can. With legislation tightening, Daily Mail readers not going deaf in sufficient numbers and many simply becoming annoyed by the sound of their own engine spinning at an apparent 46,000rpm let alone anyone else's, the first rung of the bike modification ladder is rotting away.

A decade ago such a scenario would have seemed unthinkable, but now it's clear that like spitting and bottom pinching, humankind's just going to have to get over it.

If you're struggling to give up your 'zorst habit, here's your first dose of aversion therapy.

The 'Gatling gun'

The 'Afterburner'

'Tail gunner'


Shervin Rezaiy hand made 1

Shervin Rezaiy hand made 2