Biking roads could be hit by 40mph plans

Published: 16 July 2012

Popular motorcycling routes could be among those affected by plans to reduce 60mph rural speed limits to 40mph.

Councils should consider the reduction on roads with ‘many bends’ and a ‘considerable number’ of vulnerable road users including ‘motorcyclists’, the government proposals say.

Ian Mutch, president of the Motorcycle Action Group, said: “MAG is anxious about the danger of this giving support to the red flag brigade.”

In 2010, 49% of UK road deaths occurred on single carriageway rural roads with a 60mph speed limit, according to government figures.

Road Safety Minister Mike Penning said: "It is vital that speed limits are suitable for local conditions and councils are best placed to determine what these limits are, based on local knowledge and the views of the community.”