Best road in the world?

Published: 09 May 2012

As infuriating as some drivers are in the UK, most are careful, considerate and capable in comparison to some foreign countries.

Two years ago myself and my wife were touring Egypt. We stayed for a week in Cairo. The main road leading right up to and passing our hotel started a mile or so up the road, at this point there were 13 lanes of traffic.

By the time the road passed our hotel it narrowed down to 3. In charge of all this mayhem? One small policeman wandering from lane to lane shouting intermittently whilst lighting up another fag amidst all the smoke, fumes and occasionally standing in all the horse and donkey crap and cursing profusely. It was the highlight of our entire stay in Egypt bar none.

The lunacy of lorries, taxis, cars, motorbikes, donkeys, camels and horse drawn buggies all racing, overtaking, undertaking, animals crapping, some dropping dead in the road was totally absorbing.

If I hadnt seen it with my own eyes I would never have believed it. My poor wife is still suffering flashbacks.

Every hour or so there was the obvious serious accident. It seemed this was the norm, no one panicked, everyone had a shout, a bawl, a pee on the roadside. The debris was never swept away - nobody seemed to care a jot about the sheer lunacy, the total lack of police, control or order.

All in all it was the best week of my life, just dont expect to relax and chill out on Cairo's roads!