Bike test doubts after reshuffle

Published: 06 September 2012

Plans to improve the motorcycle test could stall following the government reshuffle, the British Motorcyclists Federation has warned.

Former Roads Minister Mike Penning was the architect of plans to scrap an off-road part of the test in which hundreds of learners have crashed attempting manoeuvres including a swerve.

Penning, a former biker, announced a review in MCN aimed at creating a single on-road test. But the review has still to be completed over two years later as Penning is moved to the Northern Ireland Office.

BMF Government Relations Executive Chris Hodder said: “Penning was the minister who ordered the review into the motorcycle test shambles and it’s thanks to him that we have even got this far. Now he’s gone we hate to think what priority this will get.”

Patrick McLoughlin is the new Transport Secretary with Simon Burns, Norman Baker and Stephen Hammond as ministers.