New MCN January 16: Exclusive - New Triumph Tiger Sport

Published: 15 January 2013

In this week's MCN, out January 16, we have exclusive photos of Triumph's new Tiger Sport, the replacement for the venerable Tiger 1050.

We have an exclusive interview with Casey Stoner on Valentino Rossi, where he talks about the Italian's years at Ducati.

Also this week: We test the new learner laws by sitting the test, and Neevesy talks riding sports bikes to Africa.

In sport: The latest news from Dakar, as a Brit takes a top ten for the first time in 13 years.


Exclusive: New Triumph Tiger 1050 Sport
One of the UK industry's worst kept secrets at last went public this week when Triumph finally officially revealed the new Tiger Sport. It's based on the now five year old Tiger 1050, but, says the Hinkley firm, 'completely updated.' Is it enough to beat rivals or is it just a stop-gap?

 MCN January 11

MCN January 11


African Adventure
Remember the old days when we used our sports bikes for everything? They brightened up our weekends, took us to work, and off on holiday, but now there's a bike built for every occasion. Still, who says you can't do everything on your sports bike?



2500 Miles To Do A Track Day
We slotted a Spanish track day at Almeria into our sports bike adventure, to get the most out of the trip, and the bikes. Well, why not?

 MCN January 11

 MCN January 11


How Hard Can It Be...?
New riders now face up to three riding tests to earn a full, unrestricted bike licence. Daunting prospect or no problem for a half competent rider? MCN's half competent Steve Farrell found out.


Blasts From The Past
Triumph's revised Bonneville has been such a retro hit it's spawned a whole family of bikes which give a nostalgic nod to the past. But what are the real differences between the Bonnie, Thruxton, Scrambler, et al? What do you get for your money? We find out...




Stoner: 'It's All About Having Pride' 
As Ducati launch its 2013 MotoGP contendor in the spectatular Madonna di Campiglio ski resort, memories of Casey Stoner's successes with the factory have all but melted away. The Australian stands alone as the master of the Desmosedici - the bike that has even cast a shadow over Valentino Rossi.


Brit Squad Takes on Dakar's Biggest Hitters
Three-man FrontrowGB's guts, skill and organisation are winning respect in biking's toughest challenge, as Lyndonn Poskitt becomes the first British racer to secure a top ten since John Deacon in 2001.





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