Minimum driving ban petition launched

Published: 16 August 2014

The family of a motorcyclist killed by a car driver have started a petition calling for a minimum two-year driving ban for anyone found guilty of causing the death of another road user.

Matthew Thompson was 32-years-old when he was killed by a driver who turned across the path of his motorcycle in her car. Visibility was good, he wasn’t speeding and he had his motorcycle lights switched on.

A family statement reads: “Our son Matthew was killed in a road traffic accident on February 16, 2013. He was 32-years-old and leaves a distraught wife and two small children whose lives have been torn apart. 

"He also leaves us parents, a sister, brother-in-law and nephew who love him beyond words and are all still devastated and struggling to come to terms with it.  

“We have maintained a dignified silence during the 18 months of legal proceedings and the woman's subsequent Sentencing of 120 hours community service and a two-year driving ban with no re-test and no driver’s awareness course.

“We would like to change the law so that anyone found guilty of causing death by driving is given a mandatory loss of license for a minimum of two years before they can re-sit a test and also have to take a driver’s awareness course as a minimum sentence with other penalties to be given within the legal parameters at the Judge’s discretion.”

The petition can be signed here: http://