Changes to A2 test delayed

Published: 14 January 2014

Planned changes for the A2 bike test to reduce the minimum power of the bikes allowed to be ridden have been pushed back by delays in getting proposed legislation approved by Parliament.

It’s not thought any potential test candidates have been affected by this as the bikes allowed under the current rules were never changed while the DSA (Driving Standards Agency) waited for the alterations to the legislation were passed.

The plans were unveiled in January 2013 and were expected to reduce the minimum power of the bikes from 33bhp (25kW) to 26.8bhp 920kW) in an effort to widen the range of bikes available for testing. This has now been delayed by around two months while the final stage of the new legislation approval is granted.

The changes to the A2 licencing are just one part of the forthcoming alterations with a second set of changes due to arrive in 2019 when the minimum power of large motorcycles with increase from 53.6bhp (40kW) to 67bhp (50kW).

A statement from the DSA states: “We hope to introduce the following change, which was originally due to start in January, within the next couple of months.”