Go big at MCN Live!

Published: 03 March 2014

Saturday night at MCN Live! Skegness has to be seen to be believed. What started out a few years ago as a bunch of biking mates in comedy wigs has mushroomed into the UK's best-loved fancy dress competition.

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The extravaganza has spiralled in popularity with the competition becoming official three years ago. Prizes include £75 for the individual winner while the winning group shares a whopping £200 in cash. No doubt most of that will be spent in the bar afterwards buit it's not really about the prizes, it's more of an excuse for outrageous fun.

To give you some idea of just how hard-fought the competition is, last year's group winner included several nuns, monks, the pope and a popemobile.

For more info head to mcnlive.co.uk.