Ducati Panigale stolen in London tracked down in Lithuania

Published: 27 March 2014

A Ducati 899 Panigale stolen in London was recovered more than 1000 miles away in Lithuania recently - just 36 hours after going missing - thanks to the tracking unit hidden on the bike.

The recovery of the bike is the furthest recorded by tracking company BikeTrac, and saw the firm's stolen vehicle operators working through the night to keep tabs on the bike as it was transported across Europe in the back of a van to Vilnius, Lithuania.

Working with Interpol, BikeTrac managed to get the bike recovered and arrests were made by Lithuanian police.

BikeTrac's Bill Taylor said: "We used a mixture of GPS signal and triangulation of mobile phone masts across Europe to keep track of its movements.

"The difficulty was that we had no knowledge of what vehicle the stolen Ducati was travelling in, but nevertheless we still managed to track the signal across six countries."