Protect your bike for less

Published: 03 September 2014

If your scooter isn’t currently Datatagged, you can save yourself 35% of the cost by heading to St. James Square, London, SW1Y 4JS tomorrow (Thursday September 4) between 10am and 6pm, where your bike can be protected for just £50.

The event has been organized by Westminster City Council and the Metropolitan Police Service to help in the campaign to reduce the number of thefts of motorcycles from Westminster City Council parking bays.

All motorcycles that have the forensic marking fitted will also be entered, by Datatag, on to the official national Datatag Motorcycle and Scooter Security Scheme database.
This type of forensic marking acts as a deterrent to criminals as they know the risk of being caught will be increased, due to the large number of forensic microdots distributed around various positions on the motorcycle, the stealth UV etching technology and radio frequency identification transponders.

The fitting of Datatag may also reduce your insurance premium, and while here is no guarantee that the product will stop a theft, Datatag has a proven track record of being one of the most powerful theft deterrents available. Most new bikes are now marked unther the MASTER scheme, and there is clear evidence that these bikes are less attractive to potential thieves.

Riders visiting London are also advised to visit the Westminster City Council website for a list of parking sites that boast ground anchors and other secure parking opportunities for motorcyclists.