First ride of the 2007 Z1000

Published: 07 March 2007

Kawasaki has just launched it’s new Z1000 to the world’s press in sunny, but windy Fuerteventura. MCN’s Chief Road Tester, Trevor Franklin was one of the first people in the world to ride it this afternoon.

Here’s his first comments on the bike: “The new styling goes hand-in-hand with the improved performance of the previous model’s 953cc engine. Kawasaki’s chassis and engine designers have worked hard to deliver a bike that is so easy to ride that it would make a great jump for any novice rider stepping up from a 600cc naked bike or even the Z750.

“The design team have focussed on giving the engine more low to mid RPM drive, and the chassis designer has instilled the bike with supreme agility.

“In fact, it’s one of those few and far between bikes that anyone can jump on and feel at home straightaway.”

Keep checking back for updates, but for a full road test, read MCN on sale Wednesday, March 14.