Ducati Diavel v Yamaha V-Max

Published: 10 November 2010

At the heart of the new Diavel is the Testastretta 11 engine that originally appeared in the ground-breaking Multistrada 1200. But is that enough to outgun the Yamaha V-Max?   

Yes. The Testastretta 11 has a redesigned cylinder head and cam timing to produce softer power than the original superbike engine on which it’s based – the 11 referring to the angle of valve overlap which has been reduced from the 1198’s 41.

Besides the headline top-end figure of 162bhp, Ducati claim that revised intake and exhaust ports combined with radical adjustment of the cam timing produce strong low rpm torque. 

Though Yamaha’s 1600cc V-Max produces significantly more power – making close to 200bhp – it is much heavier, weighing in at 310kg. That’s 103kg heavier than the Ducati.

This means the V-Max’s power-to-weight ratio (0.63bhp per kg) is lower than the Ducati’s (0.78bhp per kg).

Yamaha V-Max Ducati Diavel
Power 197.2bhp 162bhp
Weight 310kg 207kg
Price £19,999 £12,995
Power to weight 0.63bhp per kg 0.78bhp per kg