Ducati Diavel v Yamaha Vmax – who’s the daddy?

Published: 04 March 2011

In next week’s MCN we’re pitting Ducati’s hugely impressive new Ducati Diavel power cruiser against the established king of the heap (at least in a straight line), Yamaha’s awesome VMax.

One of the key questions is: which is quickest?

To find out we datalogged both machines in a 0-120mph sprint but predicting a winner wasn’t easy. At 194bhp and 310kg, the Yamaha was significantly more powerful… but also significantly heavier than the 162bhp/207kg Ducati, nor could the Yamaha match the Diavel’s impressive electronics package.

So which was quickest off the line to, say 30mph? Or to 60? Or to 120mph? The results were phenomenally close with each getting its nose ahead at different speeds. One clue, though, both identically hit 100mph at exactly six seconds.

See the full test in next week’s (March 9th) issue of Motorcycle News