Honda Crossrunner first ride: "Great fun on twisty roads"

Published: 31 March 2011

Road Test Editor, Phil West, is in Majorca testing the all new Honda Crossrunner and here are his first impressions.

"Some cynics have been dismissing the Honda Crossrunner as little more than the old Honda VFR800 in a frock, having ridden it up to a point it is, but that’s no bad thing and it’s also much more than that.

"Yes, the chassis, frame and suspension are almost identical to the VFR800, but there is nothing wrong with that, after all if it ain’t broke why fix it? Crucially the engine has been significantly reworked with new exhaust, inlets and mapping which has smoothed out the delivery and largely eradicated the VFR800’s criticised VTEC lurchiness.

"On top of that it’s been modernised all round. It’s ergonomics are spot on, it’s really comfortable and a doddle to ride, it’s got nice finishing touches and it’s great fun on these twisty Majorcan roads.

"Overall, it’s what Honda set out to achieve – ‘Easy Fun’ or to put it another way it’s a bit like the old Ducati Multistrada but with grunty V4 power, a more modern feel and classy Honda touches. In fact Honda could well be onto something with this new Crossrunner."