2008 Yamaha WR250R and WR250X off-road and road motorcycle revealed

Published: 10 September 2007

Yamaha is introducing two fuel-injected versions of the WR250 – one road biased and one more suited to off-road.

Yamaha claim the Yamaha WR250X is based around the road rider where the Yamaha WR250R is not quite as extreme as an enduro bike but is more aimed at off-road riding.

The Yamaha WR250X uses the same engine and chassis as the dirt bike but in a more Tarmac-biased package. The 250cc engine is all new for 2008 – titanium valves, forged piston and a plated cylinder give increased durability despite the motor revving to 10,000rpm.

The engine is the first time the Japanese firm has used fuel injection on an on/off road bike and combined with 17-inch road wheels and radial tyres on the Yamaha 250X, with 110 front and 140mm rear tyres the seat height is 1.4 inches lower. The Yamaha 250X also has a one-tooth smaller rear sprocket to increase acceleration with road-oriented front and rear suspension.

The forks are stiffer and both front and rear suspension has road-biased damping to reduce the amount of pitch under acceleration and braking. The Yamaha WR250X has an electric start and wave front brake discs.

The more off road-biasedYamaha WR250R has off road wheels and tyres with a 21 inch front and 18 inch rear wheel with softer suspension with more travel to soak up off road punishment.



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