Boot review: Oxford Sport Bone Dry

Published: 20 January 2010

Oxford Sport Bone Dry Boots, £99.99 in the MCN Shop
Miles covered/time
: 2000/three months

What’s good? They are snug and well articulated so they are probably the most comfortable shoes I own, let alone motorcycle boots.

You can wear them all day without even noticing. I have crashed in them; apart from a bit of scuffing they were undamaged. My feet were fine too.

They might be called sports boots but with the right socks they are solid commuter wear for almost all seasons. They will keep your feet dry too.

What’s not? I couldn’t do them up properly when I tucked my leathers into them. It didn’t cause any problems, but it looked untidy.

But on the flipside, the relatively narrow top does mean that they are easy to fit your waterproof trousers over.

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Rating: 4/5