Kit review: Sidi Vortice boots

Published: 01 July 2010

Sidi Vortice boots, £289.95 
Miles covered/time:
2000/two months
What’s good? The first time I wore these boots I hated them, the unique fastening mechanism seemed over complicated and they felt stiff, almost like snowboarding boots. But the more I’ve worn them the more I’ve grown to like them. The fastening system is not that complicated once you get use to them, and gives a really secure fit and they didn’t take long to bed in. The little vents really make difference in the hot weather, keeping your feet cool and the toesliders are in the correct place and easily changeable. Lots of racers praise the boots, they feel secure, and I’ve got confidence in them if I should end up throwing myself down the track.
What’s not? They take a little getting use to, but apart from that not a lot. An ACU official made me tape over the metal toeslider at a recent race. Not sure why as loads of people wear them in BSB and John McGuniness had a lovely gold pair for this year’s TT.
Rating: 3/5