Boot review: Spyke Totem waterproof boots

Spyke Totem waterproof boots, £250
Miles covered/time:
17,000/one year

What’s good? So many waterproof boots fail on the second most important thing they are designed to be – waterproof. Thankfully these Spyke boots manage to be both boots and waterproof at the same time.

The magnesium sliders make a great noise when dragged through a corner. They are warm and stay dry no matter how wet the weather.

Almost as importantly, they’ve served me in all weathers and seasons, and I’m pleased to say they also stay cool in summer.

What’s not? They squeak. Really. REALLY. BADLY. A squirt of WD40 sorts it for a while but it soon returns. And then it randomly changes sides which is weird.

Rating: 4/5