Glove review: Spyke Hipe

Published: 27 July 2009

What’s good? A mixture of kangaroo and cowhide with bags of carbon-fibre protection means these gloves are instantly comfortable as the leather is so soft, yet they have the hard carbon to look after your hands.

Unlike many gloves that take an age to bed in, these took a few decent rides before they felt like they were as comfortable as they would be after years of use.

The adjustability from the wrist strap and the Velcro cuff makes them fit perfectly too.

The knuckle protection has raised elements that stiffen the structure against squashing as your hand slaps onto the ground.

What’s not? One of the tabs that cover the wrist adjuster has come unstitched a little. Not much to worry about in terms of protection but annoying all the same.

Rating: ****
Spyke Hipe gloves, £135
Miles covered/time:
2200/one year

  • Spyke Hipe gloves, £135