Product Review: Kushitani K-5162 GPR-6 gloves

Published: 04 February 2014

Kushitani K-5162 GPR-6 gloves, £189.99

Time tested: 4000 miles/four months

What’s good? The feel comfort and build quality is exceptional. The Kangaroo leather used on the palm is really soft, which gives excellent feel. These are some of the comfiest summer race gloves I’ve ever tried, ridden in. They’re very malleable and soft on the palm but are tough on the back of the hand and should hold up in a crash. Kushitani are renowned for producing quality products back in their native Japan and these feel like the Rolls Royce of the glove world. I’ve been using these gloves all summer in testing and racing and they’re showing virtually no sign of wear.

What’s not? They lack anything solid over the knuckles which may put potential owners off. I’ve also gone for a size slighter larger than normal as they are a small fit, which I think is worth mentioning.


Quality rating: 5/5

Value rating: 4/5

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